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Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage all visitors to ask us questions. We will make every effort to respond to any and all questions in a timely manner. Understand that we may post your question here for the benefit of all visitors.

Questions Answers
What is Two Tree Tango? • Two Tree Tango is an international real estate investment corporation founded in late 2014 designed to acquire high-quality real estate for the benefit of our tenants, our partners, and the growth of our company. 
Who founded Two Tree Tango? • While traveling the world during a twenty-year career in service to the US military, our founder observed countless investment opportunities around the world and Two Tree Tango was born.
How does Two Tree Tango operate? • Two Tree Tango markets its real estate through subsidiary Limited Partnerships (LP). Each property investment is wholly owned by the partners of that LP and managed by its General Partner (GP).
Can I partner with Two Tree Tango? • Yes. We are actively seeking others to join us on our journey to provide win-win-win opportunities around the world. For those interested in our business model contact us for more information regarding our company.***
Where does Two Tree Tango obtain its properties? • Anywhere in the world. We focus on luxurious, high-quality, Total Lifestyle Model (TLM), residential and commercial properties in promising metropolitan areas. We began in Manila and look to expand to other locations including: Singapore, Bangkok and Sweden, as well as locations more domestic including but not limited to: New York, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Hawaii, and key locations in Central and South America.
Does Two Tree Tango have debt? • No. We acquire all of our real estate up front with company resources. Our zero-debt policy provides more ability to ensure the best benefit for our tenants, our partners, and our own company.

***Current regulations do not permit any sale of securities in this forum. Participation interest may only be obtained through the company's definitive offering memorandum and no other portion of this website should be deemed an offer to sell such securities.

Contact us for more information on becoming a partner.